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Ancient Greece


Why Do We Care About Ancient Greece?


Ancient Greece Geography: Islands and Mountains Galore


Mycenaean Greece: The First Greeks
The Greco-Persian War: The Greeks Avoid Complete Destruction
The Battle of Thermopylae: A Final Stand for All of Greece
The Peloponnesian War: The Beginning of the End of Classical Greece
After the Peloponnesian War: A Radical Transformation of Greek Society
Alexander the Great: One Man Who Changed the World
The Hellenistic Era of Ancient Greece: Laying the Groundwork for the Modern World
Greece Under Rome: One Great Power Builds off Another


Athens: The World’s Most Famous City?
Athenian Democracy: The Ancient Model of Modern Government
Athenian Society: Equal and Unequal at the Same Time
The Athenian Empire: Brief Glory Contributes to Greece’s Downfall


Sparta: A Society of Soldiers and Slaves
The Spartan Army: An Unstoppable Force
Life as a Spartan Citizen: The Ultimate Good Life? Or Grueling Discipline?
Spartan Government: The Oligarchy of all the Oligarchies
Spartan Society: An Extreme Hierarchy

Society and Government

Athens and Sparta: The Ultimate Greek Rivalry
Thebes: The Rogue Greek City-State
Corinth: A Greek City-State Not to be Overlooked
Famous Greek Kings and Politicians: An All-Star Roster of Leaders


Greek Philosophy: A Unique Culture that Helped Build the Modern World
Pythagoras: the World’s First Hippie?
Socrates: The Virtuous Enigmatic Philosopher
Plato: The Student Becomes the Master
Aristotle: The Father of Modern Science


Greek Religion: Forging an Identity and Reshaping the Ancient World
The Oracle at Delphi: An Ancient Fortune Teller
Greek Mythology
The Gods and Goddesses of Mount Olympus
Greek Heroes and Heroines
More Interesting Gods and Goddesses
Amazing Creatures
Mythological Monsters

Science and Technology

Greek Math and Science: The Foundation of Modern Knowledge
Famous Greek Writers, Scientists, and Mathematicians: True Innovators of the Ancient World

Art and Architecture

Greek Art and Architecture: A Physical Representation of Prosperity


Education in Ancient Greece: Producing a Society of Soldiers and Thinkers


Greek Language and Writing: One of the Pillars of Modern Language


Ancient Greek Trade and Commerce: Finding Food and Wealth


Build Ancient Greece