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Ancient Egypt


Why Do We Care About Ancient Egypt?


The Old Kingdom of Ancient Egypt
The Middle Kingdom of Ancient Egypt
The New Kingdom of Ancient Egypt
The Late Period of Egyptian History and Persian Conquest
Egypt Falls to Greece: The Dawning of a New Era
The Ptolemaic Period of Ancient Egypt
Roman Conquest of Egypt: Bringing Two Ancient Civilizations Together


The Nile River and Ancient Egypt
Two Lands: Upper and Lower Egypt

Society and Government

An Equal Pyramid?
Making Friends. Making Money.
The Egyptian Pharaoh
Phamous Pharaohs: Menes to Cleopatra


Basic Beliefs and Rituals
The Stories They Told

Science and Technology

Agriculture: The Backbone of an Empire
Shipbuilding: Harnessing the Nile

Art and Architecture

Egypt’s Most Well Known Buildings: Temples, Tombs, and Pyramids
The Great Pyramid of Giza
Karnak Temple
The Hieroglyph and Its Impact
An Ancient Perspective on Creativity


Build Ancient Egypt
Doodle Ancient Egypt