What is Migration?

Migration is the regular movement of animals from one place to another, usually due to changes in temperature, food availability, or breeding needs. It’s not just birds that migrate; many other animals do too, including butterflies, whales, and even tiny insects!

Why Do Animals Migrate?

Animals migrate for different reasons:

  • To Find Food: When winter arrives, food becomes scarce in many regions. Animals migrate to warmer areas where food is still available.
  • To Breed: Some animals travel to specific places to have their babies. For example, sea turtles migrate across oceans to lay their eggs on the same beaches where they were born!
  • To Escape Harsh Weather: Many birds fly to warmer regions during winter to avoid the cold and return in spring when the weather is warmer.

How Do Animals Know Where to Go?

Animals use different methods to navigate during migration:

  • Birds can use the position of the sun, stars, and even the Earth’s magnetic field to find their way.
  • Whales and dolphins use landmarks along the coast and underwater sounds to navigate.
  • Insects like butterflies use the sun’s position and their sense of smell.

Now you know why you might see fewer birds in your backyard in winter or why you might see groups of butterflies fluttering south. They are all part of the incredible journey of migration, a true wonder of the natural world!